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About Us

Slavica has been actively trading since April 2011 (under the name Slavic Treasures) but was in a preparation mode for approximately two years before that.


The staff and management of Slavica  are a small and dedicated group of people that have a passion about their unique product range and have a mission to offer the specialized, quality confectionery to the New Zealand market.


The core of the Slavica business is the importation and distribution of ROSHEN - a quality, traditional confectionery and consumables brand from Eastern Europe - to introduce them to the discerning New Zealand consumer.


The Slavica business has the goal of becoming the consummate supplier of a range of these specialized, quality confectionery and consumables, which are supplied from the as-yet-untapped Slavic nations. The flagship brand, ROSHEN, is imported from a dynamic, creative supplier which has been unable to access the Oceania market - until now. We believe these products will bring pleasure to the consumer.


A calculated program is in place to enter the market and offer these products to the Kiwi consumer at an affordable price. No longer will you have to pay premium prices for premium brands.  ROSHEN is a premium brand that we can bring you at everyday prices.


The Slavica management and staff have a great passion for their products and believe that the New Zealand public are deserving of a competitively priced quality, gourmet and utility consumables. The product range is select and exclusive and throughout the range have the ability to complement any occasion from the school lunch box to the select gift.


ROSHEN is the tasty gift of choice for all occasions. 


We are currently looking for a Supply and Distribution Manager. The preferred candidate will have:

-         Determining, implementing and monitoring purchasing, storage and distribution strategies, policies and plans;

-         Preparing and implementing plans to maintain required stock levels at minimum cost;

-         Monitoring and reviewing storage and inventory systems to meet supply requirements and control stock levels;

-         Operating recording systems to track all movements of supplies and finished goods, and ensuring re-ordering and re-stocking at optimal times;

-         Liaising with other departments and customers concerning requirements for outward goods and associated forwarding transportation;

-         Overseeing the recording of purchase, storage and distribution transactions;

-         Directing staff activities and monitoring their performance;

-         Provision of products and services to meet customer or client requirements;

-         Ad hoc duties as required.

-        Knowledge 1C accounting system

Please apply to